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Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008 SDCKA Kickoff

The 2008 Kickoff cruise for the South Dakota Canoe (and Kayak) Assoc. was held today on the Big Sioux River near Flandreau, SD. It was a very enjoyable cruise. We were protected from the wind for most of the cruise and I wasn't bothered too much on the occasions a gust was able to reach me. I didn't bring Scruff along on this trip... he would have been too excited with all the people around.

My GPS had the trip down as about 7.88 miles. Google Earth doesn't have a very good image of the area, so here is one from Microsoft's Virtual Earth. The track claims only 7.54 miles; I am not sure why the discrepancy.

I got to talk to a number of different paddlers and really enjoyed the company of the other paddlers. I did take a number of pictures, most of which were of people taking out as I floated nearby.

Afterwards I headed for Scheels in Sioux Falls... when in the area I pretty much have to ;)

I have been thinking of getting a Perception Carolina 14.0, but at Scheels I saw a Hurricane Tampico 140 and it was a site... shiny! ;) But before I get another kayak I need to find a better storage solution than I currently have... it is looking to be a storage unit for short term and a house in the long run. FYI, my tandem is a Hurricane Santee 140T.


  1. Pat, I think that your site offers another great resource for South Dakota paddlers. I enjoyed chatting with you on the trip. It would have been great to see Scruffy riding along in the forward cockpit of your tandem kayak. I have bookmarked your new site "Pirates of the Missouri," and will check it out frequently to keep alert to your adventures on the Missouri and elsewhere.


    Jay Heath

  2. Hey Pat, nice blog! You maps and such on the Pierre-area paddles were stellar.

    I'll stop back often. Visit our blog if you want,


    Here's to hoping we can get some Sioux Falls paddlers up to try some Capitol City big water this summer.

    Jarett Bies