“Spend as much time as possible on mountains, in small boats, or otherwise out in the weather; if you never get wet, cold, exhausted or scared, you won’t properly appreciate being dry, warm, rested and safe.” ~ Peter Jay

"I’m an adventuring river rat at heart. Put me on a floating piece of driftwood and I’m happy." ~ Christina Glauner

"There’s folly and foolhardiness on one side and daring and calculation on the other." ~ C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower novels

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Off topic... sort of

This weekend was amazing. I originally decided to go to Sioux Falls when I heard that the Dakota Irish Fair had been revived after a three year absence and was bringing in one of my favorite twin cities' bands, The Wild Colonial Bhoys. I also wanted to take my boat along and find some time to hit the BSR over the weekend. I later learned that the Sioux Falls Air Show was the same weekend. I had never been to the air show before; though, like most boys, when I was a kid I was enthralled by airplanes. Yesterday morning, I left Pierre around 8 and headed down to SF. I first went to the Big Sioux State Recreation Area and set my tent up. Once camp was set, I headed to the SF air show. It was amazing... and I didn't even see all the acts! I caught Pierre local, Jim Peitz, the F22 demo, the Vanguard Squadron, a P51 Mustang (my favorite plane as a kid), a couple of C130's, and the Blue Angels. All were great!
From 2009 Sioux Falls Air Show
Above: A F22 and a P38 (WWII era) fighter.
From 2009 Sioux Falls Air Show
Above: P51 Mustang fighter.
From 2009 Sioux Falls Air Show
Above: the Blue Angels.
Below: Playlist of video clips I took at the air show.
Near the end of the Blue Angels performance, I started walking back to my pickup so I could go over the the edge of Falls Park on Phillips Ave. for the 2009 Dakota Irish Fair. The first time I went to it was in 2006; it was also the last one to occur until this year. Not a whole lot going on. But it seemed to be a better setup than in 2006. Also, my experience with Irish Fairs are based upon the twin cities and KC. If people continue to turn out for it as they did yesterday, the Dakota Irish Fair could grow into more.The acts consisted of the Dakota Pipe Band, the Sioux Falls Ceali Band, the Shamrockers (another SF group), and The Wild Colonial Bhoys. At some point or another, I had heard every group perform in the past. WCB is more rock and rebel song oriented than the others. When WCB opened with Hair of a Dog, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see some older folks leaving. But I was glad to see most of the crowd applauding through out the show. Especially since the median age was probably closer to my parents' age than mine. Btw, I believe I was the only adult standing through the whole show (besides the band that is). WCB put on a great show for SF and I hope to see them back next year. Another, low cost, idea would be the Wild Clover Band out of NE. I could name many other bands, but they are probably out of the budget of the Fair. Maybe Scythian isn't... Scythian.
From 2009 Dakota Irish Fair
And now I will get to the paddling since that is the point of the blog. This morning I awoke to a fair amount of fog. I got up and took the kayak down to the BSR access near the Big Sioux Rec. Area. I paddled upstream for about 1.25 miles and managed to save some distance downstream because I totaled only 2.4 miles. The fog made for some nice photo opps too. I was on the water for a little under an hour.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The past week...

Well, I haven't been very good about posting this week. Though I have kept the paddling days and distance in the sidebar updated. On Sunday, John and I paddled around Farm Island, about 6.5 miles. We paddled against a stiff headwind on the way downstream. We relaxed a bit after coming around the end of the island. Somehow, we managed to move against the wind faster than with it.
On Tuesday, I paddled around La Framboise Island, about 5.7 miles. I was out late enough to get some decent pics of the sun setting.
From 2009_07_21
On Wednesday, I dinked around near the bridges and caught some more sun setting pictures. Only about 2.4 miles on Wednesday evening.
From 2009_07_22
From 2009_07_22
From 2009_07_22
Yesterday afterwork, I helped my mom go out in my parents' boat. And then I went out myself along with Will Coolidge, a pharmaceutical student, and his brother. Will was paddling one of Chuck's boats and Will's brother was paddling Will's boat. We just made a run around La Framboise Island, about 5.7 miles. Will and I believe we saw two immature bald eagles. They were too big to be much else. Anyone that can tell me if we assumed correct, thanks. Not too much else to say.
From 2009_07_23
My mom paddling my parents' Wilderness Systems Excel. A 16' tandem; the front seat slides into the middle for soloing.

From 2009_07_23
Will Coolidge.
From 2009_07_23
Will and his brother.
From 2009_07_23
An immature bald eagle, I believe.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joe, the paddler...

Joe got back to Pierre around 8 last night. Joe, Kelly and Tina from RC, and myself were camping in Griffin Park last night. We had numerous paddlers stop by to visit with Joe and show him the hospitality of Pierre paddlers, including, John Adler, Chuck Kevghas, Dave Pfahler, Gary and Lenise Haag. We got up between 4 AM and 5 AM today to tear down our tents, etc. John came shortly thereafter and we shuttled my pickup and Kelly's Explorer down to DeGrey. The water was beautiful early this morning. Glasslike doesn't begin to describe it! Before we launched a Pierre local stopped to visit. He apparently is a standup paddler and formerly worked as a kayak guide for Dakota Adventures (aka Steamboat). We had the Haags paddling their 12' Pungos, Kelly and Tina paddling an 18' kevlar canoe, John paddling his Temptest, I was paddling my Carolina, and, of course, Joe paddling his CD Storm. The Haags turned back after maybe 4 or 5 miles; I honestly can't remember when exactly they turned around.

Mr. Yellow is only missing a big yellow pimp hat. Joe joked, he'd keep an eye out for one in New Orleans.

Group Photo! L to R: Tina, Kelly, Lenise, Joe, Pat, John, Gary.


Tina and Kelly.



On to St Louis! Joe has friends down there planning a party for him when he passes through.

Sadly, I am only going back to Pierre. I would love to do a long journey someday.

A great paddle. We covered 23.5 miles and faced a headwind most of the way after about 10 or 11 AM. I would like to thank Joe for allowing us to paddle with him and I hope we didn't slow him down too much. He seemed to enjoy the company; I suspect we left a last impression upon him as he did to us. More pictures can be seen at my picasa album.
I also need to mention that we have an open invite to come to the Black Hills to go creekboating with Kelly. For any interested, we might be able to arrange something... maybe a SDCA and Black Hills Paddlers coop event. I hope everyone continues to follow Joe's journey to the Gulf of Mexico; I know I will. Hopefully, the pictures of Joe creek boating with Kelly and Tina surface on Joe's blog this week. I also recommend those in the Vermillion and Yankton areas to try to meet with Joe when he paddles through. His cell and sattelite phone numbers are on his website. And a video clip of Joe, Tina, and Kelly...

...much better than Joe, the plumber isn't he?
Paddling with Joe to DeGrey!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More on Joe Forrester (PaddlingforParkinsons.com)

Joe is spending tonight at the Oahe Downstream Campground #2. John and his wife, Cathy, met Joe and I at Mad Mary's Steakhouse for supper. We listened to Joe talk about his trip so far. We talked a little about our own paddling and what he (Joe) can expect downstream. Sounds like Joe will be meeting Kelly and John at the causeway at 11 AM tomorrow. I believe that John is going to watch over Joe's boat, etc., while Kelly takes Joe out to the Black Hills. Joe should be back in Pierre Friday evening. I think he will be camping in Griffin Park Friday night. I think John and I are planning on paddling along with Joe for a bit as he departs Pierre.
Again, Joe's website/blog is http://www.paddlingforparkinsons.com

Big Envelope

The big envelope says, "Pat wins... @ engineering!" I passed the PE.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paddling for Parkinsons

John and I just got back from driving up to Pike Haven on Lake Oahe. We went up and met with Joe Forrester, a med student from the U of Virginia, that is paddling from the Missouri River headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico. Joe is paddling to raise money for Parkinsons disease. John is going to help him portage the Oahe Dam tomorrow and it sounds like Joe is going to stick around the area until Saturday. I think some folks from the Black Hills Paddling Club are going to show him around the Hills Thursday and/or Friday. John and I are planning on paddling with him a bit as he departs on Saturday; I think some folks from the Black Hills are planning on doing the same.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canoe Night as a precursor to Canada Day!

Last night, the Boy Scout troop I volunteer with took the troop's canoes out to goof around on the water. There also were a couple of kayaks. my Carolina and another adult's boat. Not much to say. A slideshow of pictures: