“Spend as much time as possible on mountains, in small boats, or otherwise out in the weather; if you never get wet, cold, exhausted or scared, you won’t properly appreciate being dry, warm, rested and safe.” ~ Peter Jay

"I’m an adventuring river rat at heart. Put me on a floating piece of driftwood and I’m happy." ~ Christina Glauner

"There’s folly and foolhardiness on one side and daring and calculation on the other." ~ C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower novels

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More on Joe Forrester (PaddlingforParkinsons.com)

Joe is spending tonight at the Oahe Downstream Campground #2. John and his wife, Cathy, met Joe and I at Mad Mary's Steakhouse for supper. We listened to Joe talk about his trip so far. We talked a little about our own paddling and what he (Joe) can expect downstream. Sounds like Joe will be meeting Kelly and John at the causeway at 11 AM tomorrow. I believe that John is going to watch over Joe's boat, etc., while Kelly takes Joe out to the Black Hills. Joe should be back in Pierre Friday evening. I think he will be camping in Griffin Park Friday night. I think John and I are planning on paddling along with Joe for a bit as he departs Pierre.
Again, Joe's website/blog is http://www.paddlingforparkinsons.com

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