“Spend as much time as possible on mountains, in small boats, or otherwise out in the weather; if you never get wet, cold, exhausted or scared, you won’t properly appreciate being dry, warm, rested and safe.” ~ Peter Jay

"I’m an adventuring river rat at heart. Put me on a floating piece of driftwood and I’m happy." ~ Christina Glauner

"There’s folly and foolhardiness on one side and daring and calculation on the other." ~ C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower novels

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mid-November Excursion

Yesterday was so beautiful out that I couldn't resist. I took the afternoon off and went kayaking! I invited John and Chuck to make it a Pierre Kayak Club event but they are salaried so they have to use 8 hours every time they use leave. ...and John, in his words, has too much of a conscience to just call it a day at noon.
So I was on my own. I put in from the  boat ramp near the polo fields (upstream end of Farm Island). Not too much to report from the excursion; the water was very low and I nearly got caught on a sandbar. I managed to get free without exiting my boat though. And, of course, some pictures:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Awesome Picture

I went paddling this evening... surprise, surprise... and I took what may be one of my best pictures to date!
From 2008_11_03
So, what does everyone else think?

November Paddling

I went kayaking on both Saturday and Sunday, though on Saturday I forgot to grab my camera and gps on the way out of my apartment. Hopefully, I can get John Adler's pictures from Saturday, until then, here are my pictures from Sunday. We went around La Framboise Island, starting at the Legion and heading upstream on the river side to the causeway.