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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Perception Carolina 14.0

Today I finally managed to get myself out to Rapid City to demo the Perception Carolina 14.0.
I have been interested in this boat for some time. It seems to get great great reviews online, but finding one to demo was a bit trickier. Scheels doesn't like to let us demo boats and Dakota Adventures in Pierre can order Perceptions but they don't keep any in stock. I did find one place in SD that had the Carolina 14 in stock and would let me demo it. Global Market in Rapid City.

Barb with Global Market let me take the boat over to the pond in Memorial Park (by the Civic Center) to try it out.

I'll admit that it initially seemed very tipsy, but that was more my being used to the Hurricane Santee 140T's 31" beam. The Carolina 14's width is 24.5''. I quickly got used to it and it is a joy to paddle. It seemed to track well and I felt it was faster than soloing my Hurricane despite weighing more (probably due to better weight distribution). It turned very quickly too. I really liked the seat adjustments... the one disappointment I have with my Hurricane is that the seat adjustments (incline and height) have a tendency to slip.

Overall I though it was a great boat. Dakota Adventures in Pierre quoted me $900 to order one for me, but Global Market would not match it so if I decide to order it (I am leaning that way) I'll be getting it here in Pierre.


  1. But what about Scruffy? How will he continue his adventures with you in this single kayak? Have you consulted him yet?

    Jay Heath

  2. Oh the tandem will not be retired. I am just going to work hard to paddle more often! :)

  3. I should clarify my Scheels comment. I think if you talk with the right person a demo can be done. Though when I go my tandem, they only had one boat by Hurricane and it was not the Santee 140T.

  4. So, even though GM spent their time showing you the boat an letting you demo it, you will buy elsewhere for a few bucks savings? What about the cost of their man hours to talk to you and let you demo. Boo Sir, boo.

  5. Well, I gave GM the opp. to match Steamboat's quote. Had I like the color of the demo boat, I would have bought it from GM. Instead I supported MY LOCAL paddle shop. I would have had to drive back out to RC to pick the new boat up; I would have done it if GM matched Steamboat's price. I have started to visit GM anytime I am in RC and will do some business on accessories. It is a great store and I recommend others visit it.