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Sunday, March 29, 2009

1st Circumnavigation of Bad Humor Island in 2009

Hey, I forgot to mention something about yesterday's post. The fisherman were so thick that we had to put in off a rocky "beach" next to the causeway boat ramp. Because Chuck missed out on paddling yesterday and to "honor" him and his composite boats I have dubbed it "Chuck's Landing." 
From 2009_03_29
On to today! Well, I went out to unload my kayak this morning (I was too lazy last night) in anticipation of the snow tonight and tomorrow, but it was so nice this morning that I decided to try to get a short paddle in before the wind came up. Well, on my way to the causeway I realized that there was open water all around Bad Humor Island (Lewis and Clark's name for it is much better than La Framboise Island).
From 2009_03_29
I managed to paddle around the island and I was off the water a little after noon before the wind got too bad. From NOAA, it looks like the temperature was from 31 -42 and the winds were from 10 - 23 between 10AM and 12PM (I was on the water a little after 10:30AM). Trip totaled 5.7 miles.
...Oh and I have been out 6 times just in March (and 9 times on the year) compared to Chuck's 3 times on the year :) 

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