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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dissecting Farm Island

Well, today I paddled up all four channels into the interior of Farm Island. It was a nice afternoon, but a little warm and breezy. Temperature was in the upper 80s and the wind was about 12 mph. I had something to photograph in the first second of my paddle too. A car jumpstarting a boat!
All it takes to jumpstart my boat is some water or coffee if it is in the morning! It's hard to see, but there is a good-looking, bikini-clad gal behind the car too.
The trip ended up covering 6.8 miles.  
Almost immediatley as I began to enter the channels, I came across a bunch of pelicans sitting atop a partially submerged log.
I also came across the remains of a building that I do not recall seeing before. I assume that I have because I am certain I have been down all the channels in the past though.
And then there is the remains of the building I don't forget.
The motorboat and personal watercraft traffic is picking up for the summer. There were numerous vessels zipping back and forth between the boat ramp and the entrance to the channels. The ONE benefit that $4/gallon gas had was that the personal watercraft were fewer in numbers last summer.

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  1. This is the sort of paddling that I like, Pat. It is interesting, I think, poking around in the normally inaccessible channels. Finding the ruins of old structures adds another attractive element to the cruise. Nice photos of the ruins as well as the pelicans.