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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Paddle

Well, after the gale like winds of the weekend and the forecast winds for Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided on Sunday evening that I would paddle around La Framboise after work on Monday. To add a new twist to what is becoming a mundane paddle for me, I invited some "non-paddler" friends to come along; I also invited another Pierre paddler that I have been trying to paddle with to come along too. I loaded all three boats onto my rack and proceeded to the causeway at 6 PM.

From 2010-05-03
For various reasons, all of the "non-paddlers" bailed on me. But Sol B., a SD Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources engineer and fellow Pierre paddler joined me. Once I realized who he was a month or so ago, I have been trying to get him out on the water with me.
We started out by leaving the causeway and heading up to the bridges. Sol had a fishing rod along and wanted to see how well the fish were biting.

From 2010-05-03

There were numerous fishing boats out along the west shoreline, but Sol didn't get any bites as we floated past. So we continued on towards La Framboise Island.

From 2010-05-03
Obviously, I was paddling my (still new) Current Designs Storm GT. Sol was paddling a Perception Eclipse. He also has a Perception Carolina, but the older 14.5 ft. model rather my newer 14 ft. model. The picture above may be the first time I have caught a train crossing the railroad bridge; I was pretty stoked. Also, I am using my new camera, a Pentax Optio W80.

From 2010-05-03

From 2010-05-03

We ended up covering 6.8 miles and had a great time. I am loving having a smaller camera out on the water too! I do plan on trying to get the some of my "non-paddling" friends onto the water again, probably sooner rather than later too.

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