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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lake Vermillion, La Framboise Island, and Hobie mirage drives...

Last Friday, I was in Sioux Falls to catch the Wild Colonial Bhoys play at McNally's Irish Pub. Ryan Snuggerud met me there and we talked a bit and ended up doing a little game planning for the 2011 SDKC. Before heading back to Pierre on Saturday, I stopped at the Lake Vermillion State Recreation Area for a little paddling. Besides one fisherman, I had the lake to myself. First, I paddled from the boat ramp over to the bridge and into the small arm of the lake beyond. I then paddled up towards the dam (see picture below). I started to paddle up the north-south part of the lake, but the wind was blowing pretty good coming down the lake. After attacking the wind for a bit, I decided to head back. I would have liked to have made it up into the Vermillion River but I didn't want to wear myself out before the drive home. I think I spent about an hour on the water.
From 2010-09-18
Yesterday, I went for a paddle around La Framboise Island. When I got to the boat ramp on the causeway, I discovered that the steel ramp onto the dock was underwater!
From 2010-09-25
From 2010-09-25
From 2010-09-25
From 2010-09-25
A couple of pictures showing the dike structure at the end of the channel alongside the island:
From 2010-09-25
From 2010-09-25
It was a great day for a paddle. Not too much to report. Saw numerous ducks and startled one deer, a doe. After turning the corner around the island and heading back towards the causeway, I came across another kayaker. He was pedaling one of the Hobie mirage drive boats, probably something like an 8 foot model.

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  1. Thanks for sharing some images of islands.
    which are beautiful.
    I agree that picture are more than thousands words worth.
    i hope i will find more images of vacations.