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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Medicine Creek

With the current flooding situation and boating ban in the Pierre area, I have had to mix up my paddling routine. Mostly I have been paddling up on Lake Oahe from the East Shore boat ramp and the Okobojo Point campground. Yesterday, I chose to explore a brand new (to me) waterway, Medicine Creek.

Medicine Creek joins the Missouri River 15 miles out of Pierre along highway 34. The location is referred to by most people as twin bridges. There are two bridges on hwy. 34, one for the creek and one for the railroad. There is also a third bridge for the creek to pass under the railroad.
Twin Bridges
Railroad Bridge
I scouted the area on Thursday afternoon before proceeding to Okobojo Point and I could not use the access off of the highway bridge over the creek. The high water provided essentially no clearance under the railroad bridge upstream. I did find an access point on the upstream side of the railroad bridge though.

There was plenty of  wildlife about. I saw plenty of small birds, fish jumping (probably carp), and even a couple of deer along the way.


This creek was a lot different than the other paddling locales around Pierre... even the Bad River. The high banks were mostly tree filled and tall grass and filled the banks everywhere else. Further up stream went from muddy backwater to a rocky, clear, and fast flowing creek. 
A small tributary?

Moving up the tributary. 
Dead End.  

I made it past this ripple. 
The creek started to get cleaner, rockier after I got past the ripple. 

I did not get past this ripple/rapid. 
About to head back downstream.
I thoroughly enjoyed paddling Medicine Creek. My only complaint is I could only go about a mile upstream. I probably will not return to this creek, because it is too short.... ...unless I can find another access further upstream and can travel down to twin bridges.

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