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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Twin Bridges to DeGrey

Yesterday the "Pierre Kayak Club" did another section of the Missouri River near Pierre. This time we tackled from Twin Bridges to DeGrey.

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We shuttled my pickup and Chuck's Geo down to DeGrey; DeGrey is a river access (boat ramp and vault toilet). The trip ended up being ~9 miles (averaged between John's and my GPS). You'd think that going downstream would be easy, but from NOAA's site I see that we faced a south east wind at 13-15mph with gusts up to 22! When we stopped paddling, we would be pushed backwards.
Not too much else to say about the trip. I have a few pictures of foliage, but mostly of Chuck and John. Not too much to see on this stretch.
From 2008_10_18
From 2008_10_18
Look at the "air" under John's boat.
From 2008_10_18
From 2008_10_18
And the slideshow of all of the pictures I took yesterday:


  1. The Big Mo is quite a contrast to the Split Rock cruise of earlier this month. I doesn't look like you had to "claw" your way through the shallows! The windy conditions remind me of that cruise we had on the Big Sioux near Flandreau this summer where we were facing stiff head winds and even whitecaps on the river.

  2. The wind out on the Missouri just never lets up. and unlike the trips on the Big Sioux or James where you are constantly changing direction, when you start out going into it out here, you never get a reprive. I revcall some pretty big waves on the Big Sioux during one of the Earth Day cruises, but it was at our backs almost as much as it was in our face.

    This was a great trip, but a bit of a test in perseverance.