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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Paddling and Camping Trip

I am planning a paddling and camping trip from Gavins Point Dam to Vermillion over the Native American Day weekend in October. A guide can be found on the Nebraska Parks website. Anyone interested, please let me know so I can plan for you. Jarett, feel free to post this on the SDCA blog... the more the merrier!
Friday October 10, 2008
Meet at the Gavins Point Tailwaters campground.
Unload and setup camp.
Camp Friday night.
Saturday October 11, 2008
Paddle approximately 14 miles to campground and boat access near St Helena, NE.
Sunday October 12, 2008
Paddle approximately 21 miles to Goat Island.
Monday October 13, 2008
Paddle 3-4 miles to boat access near Vermillion.
Load everything.
Retrieve vehicles left at Gavins Point.
Nice lunch in Yankton.
Head for home.
Personal Gear
personal clothing, etc. (jackets, warmer clothes, and splash gear will probably be nice to have along... could be quite cool)
boat/paddle (I will look into borrowing or renting extra boats once I know who will be going and might need one)
lifejacket (I should have plenty of extras)
water bottle, etc.
tent (I have one 2-3 person tent and access to another similar)
sleeping bag
sleeping pad, not necessary but nice (I have one and a cheap one can be picked up at most walmarts)
tarp for underneath tents (I have one and will get a second if the second tent is necessary)
pocket knife, multitool, etc.
Group Gear
camp stove/propane
mess kit/cooking kit
garbage bags (we'll have to carry our trash out)
multiple soft coolers
first aid kit
camp shovel
toilet paper
ring bologna (the idea is any meat should be precooked; I can be a little paranoid aboud keeping raw meat cold)
trail mix/granola bars/dried fruit
canned beans and/or veggies (maybe some canned hash?)
possibly some beer could end up along :)


  1. I've been hoping to make a trip like this for some time and this might just work out. Maybe we can get some others to join in. Shouldn't be to tough of a trip unless we end up fighting a bad head wind.

  2. Pat -

    I made a trip similar to this in May.

    Day 1: Yankton to Goat Island
    Day 2: Goat to Bolton

    Day 1 we had a strong (40mph) head wind - which led to 3+ft swells. Made for a long - but very exciting paddle. I believe the trip was 18 miles day one, and 25 day two.

    My only thought on your schedule - is the short amount of on-the-water time. Goat Island does not allow for fires - so that's a lot of free time spent around a camping stove.

    I am also making this trip again on Sept. 20/21. Just thought i'd pass along that information. Let me know if you have any additional questions about this section of the river.