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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farm Island to Twin Bridges

Yesterday the Pierre Kayak Club took a cruise from the Farm Island beach to twin bridges. Twin bridges is the name that locals call the point where Medicine Creek empties into the Missouri River. There are two highway bridges at the location; one overpasses the railroad as it turns away from the river and the other crosses the creek/river. There is also a third bridge where the railroad crosses the creek.
From 2008_09_13
My gps read that I covered 11 miles on the day, though after 4.5 miles we got an extended break. A thunderstorm blew in and we had to wait approximately 30 minutes on the shore for it to pass. Luckily we had splash jackets with us... and John and I learned that spray skirts do a decent job protecting our pants in a rainstorm! Chuck found a second use with his pop up sail... as an umbrella! After we got underway again the going was fast, though difficult for John and I. We were with the wind, but we had to fight to keep from being windcocked. Chuck started playing with his sail... and his rudder kept him straight. Though I did hit 7 mph keeping up with Chuck!
Along the way we didn't see much for wildlife... they knew the storm was coming better than the weathermen? We did see a seagull or two and a great blue heron. A slideshow of my pictures is below... just click the slideshow to see the albulm at Google's Picasaweb.

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  1. This was a great trip, even with or maybe because of, the storm. That is what really made it unique. I checked the information on my GPS. Our first leg of the trip was about 4.4 miles and took 1 hr, 13 min. We sat on shore for about 44 minutes to wait out the passing storm. The remmaining 5.8 miles to another 1 hr, 35 minutes.

    Thanks to you and Chuck for making this a memorable birthday for me.