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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yankton to Vermillion

With just over 2 weeks until the big trip on the Missouri River from Gavin's Point to Vermillion (subject to change), I am posting the current plan of action with contingencies.Currently, there are three people committed to the trip, John Adler, Arnold Lund, and myself. I have heard from two interested people through the power of the Internet, but I am not sure on their decision. Arnold might not get up to White Crane until late Friday evening (unless he flexes that week). So it might be up to John and I to shuttle vehicles or wait until Saturday morning (with the short distances that might be an idea). If we shuttle John's Chevy Tracker on Friday evening, I could have my sister move my pickup down to the take out though she probably couldn't get to it until Sunday. Final shuttling options will be decided Friday (October 10) evening.For anyone wanting to join us, we will be camping at Chief White Crane State Recreation Area on Friday evening. Look for the kayaks.
The plan is for everyone to carry their own gear and rations. Between John and I, we are supplying Arnold with gear for the trip. I plan on having numerous 1L bottles of water for the trip. That should be plenty for me. I might procure some more bottles or try to rig a way to carry a 2 gal. jug along too. No such thing as extra water. I plan on taking instant oatmeal, ramen, canned stew, trail mix, granola bars, and of course coffee along.
The trip itself has few changes. Distances are all from Gavins Point. First distance is measured in Google Earth, second is from the SDGFP/NPR. 
  1. Meet up and camp Friday evening at Chief White Crane State Recreation Area.
  2. Shuttle vehicles either Friday evening or Saturday morning.
  3. Depart on the river.
  4. Mouth of the James River (9.5 miles) Possible side trip.
  5. St Helena Potential Campsite (11.25 miles) (12 miles)
  6. Bow Creek Potential Campsite (~21miles)
  7. Goat Island Potential Campsite (24 miles to upstream end)(26 miles)
  8. Goat Island Downstream end (26.5 miles)
  9. Clay Co Recreation Area Potential Take Out (28 miles) 
  10. SD Hwy 19 Bridge Potential Take Out (33.75 miles) (35 miles)
  11. Vermillion River Potential Take Out (36 miles) 
  12. Bolton Bend Potential Take Out (44 miles) (48 miles)
For good weather the trip is likely to take just two days with camping around Bow Creek or Goat Island, but other campsites are shown for the potential of high winds and rain, as well as, side trips distracting us. The plan is to say 3 day trip and if we finish sooner, oh well. Cell phone reception should be adequate along this section of the river too. 
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Should be a great trip!

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  1. And we are down to two definitive adventurers... Novartis denied the 1st shift's (Arne's shift) 3 day weekend. No Native American Day off.